Fatherhood rant

I hate songs and society against fathers and their kids, it's sad. A lot of us are still here fighting the fight. Some are single fathers like me and my friends, that I know and they try to support me, I get support emails from a lot of guys in same situation, but others are paying their checks each month and try their best. Why do we demoralize dads who try? Why is it only mom's can raise kids right? This upset's me, sorry. There are good and great guys out there who do their best and try every day. I'm really bothered by people who think only a mom can raise kids right. Sometimes mom's are not the right answer, I won't throw friends under the bus, but I know more Men taking care of their kids than their moms. I know it's a hard truth, but it's there, we all ignore it. From my close circle of friends, there are more men taking care of their kids than their moms, perhaps my view is scewed, I'm sure it is, but in a small town in Texas with more than 80% of those dads take care of their kids. I think the tide has changed but perception has not. I get messages from friends and family who are raising kids on their own and our society looks down on us, it is not right. One of my two best friends (A and C) did it on their own because their women were on drugs and could not take care of their kids. They are stronger than most people could understand. Do not give up guys, ignore the people who look down on us, take care of your kids and love them. Society is wrong for being mom centric. Dad's are the best answer sometimes, not always, I admit that, but neither is mom.

Why are we a secret society on Facebook? We shouldn't be. If fathers are raising their kids right and/or paying their share, shouln'd they be heard? Why is it always deadbeat fathers on facebook, why not crack whore mothers get more face time? It's because media want's you to hate dad's and worship women? I love women, a lot, but that doesn't mean all are fit to be mothers. Do not let an unfit mother raise your kids, speak up!

I know the courts are for single mothers, but what about guys who get their kids because their moms where not 'healthy' enough, why is it an uphill fight? We are all human, one person can be as bad as the other. What makes women better at raising kids? Sorry, but it's a stereotype. Not all mothers are worthy. Why cannot society see this? We have to proove with drug test and other items to proove an unfit mother, but unfit father takes no proof. If a mom says it's wrong, it is. That's sad, I thought we were after equality, not stereotype. Sorry that I ranted, but read the title.

As a teenager I was obsessed with Egyptian mythology. When I read about virgin birth 2k years before Jesus, it upset me and changed me forever.I learned the bible was written by monks who borrowed from other texts. I do not wish to diminish anyone else's believe but the similarities are uncanny. Some people, who wrote the bible borrowed from other religions. Someone asked why I am who I am, that is why, I read to much. Also, Constantine joined paggen holidays and Christian holidays. I've prayed more now with my illness than I thought I would, but it's a great believe. I wish I could still believe, but I cannot, once you read the truth, it's hard.